Pond with Irises

Pond with Irises_sm

While out for a walk on day with my dearest Connie, we saw this bog with the most beautiful of irises in bloom.
40 x 60 cm.  Stained glass, smalti, glass gems and globs.

5 thoughts on “Pond with Irises

  1. Yolanda Meyer

    Good morning,

    Just saw this wonderful work ‘Pond with Irises’ is still available!!

    Please confirm if this is indeed still available and also please let me know the price.

    I live in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

    Will appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you

    1. Terry Post author

      Hi Margo.
      This piece is currently available at Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council. Retail it is 1350 CDN. If you are interested in that I can forward your email address to them for further inquiry. They will ship worldwide.


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