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The Busker

Buskers have always held a fascination for me.  They spend long hours in the streets in all sorts of weather, playing their music or exhibiting their skills for our amusement.  It must be a hard way of making a living.

This busker is made with stained glass and smalti.  The street is made of tiny pebbles.  This is 30 cm w x 41 cm h.  ( 12 x 16 in).

This piece was submitted to Delphi Glass Annual Online Art Glass Festival in 2012.  It is an international competition with artists submitting work in 12 different categories of glass art.  The Busker won first place in the mosaic category as well as the People’s Choice Award.


The Capelin Beach

Capelin (Mallotus villosus) are small fish which live in the north Atlantic.  They ‘roll’ onto our beaches by the millions in the summer to spawn.
This is my impression of a beach after the eggs have been laid.  The mosaic consists of pebbles, found objects from such a beach, clear glass pebbles, smalti and stained glass.  All of the stone has been sealed with a penetrating sealer.  The stone near the water has been sealed with a high gloss sealer to simulate wet rocks.


Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the oceans.  Her myth is quite interesting.  She is responsible for the marine mammals which provide the food for the Inuit people.  When she gets displeased she withdraws the mammals and the people go hungry.  To appease her, a shaman has to enter her oceanic world and comb her hair.

Materials used are smalti, stained glass and vitreous glass.  Her necklace is made from the otoliths of haddock.  Otoliths are fish earbones.

Private collection.


Having lived near the North Atlantic Ocean for most of my life, whales have always held a particular fascination, in particular humpbacks (Megaptera novaeangliae).   In summer they come very close to our shores in search of food, one of which are the capelin that lay their eggs on our beaches.  It’s exciting to see these animals doing their spectacular jumps.  Sold.

Stained and dichroic glass.



When outside on a cold winter day, it is always so appealing to me to see the warmth emanating from a window with lots of light inside.  The icicles in this piece are made of clear glass and are three dimensional.  They have britebak underneath to create a tremendously reflective surface.

Stained and clear glass.

Private collection.