Artist Statement

I work in mosaic art because I feel compelled to do so. Mosaics have called to me. It is certainly because it is a unique form of expression. To take small pieces of material and turn them into a coherent whole is very satisfying.   I hope that through my mosaics that I portray the world around me in a unique manner.

I love the materials and their unforgiving nature, the variety of materials available, the myriad of textures that can be created and the reflection of light upon a surface. I enjoy the constant decision making required when working with materials such as glass and stone. Which will best illustrate what I am trying to say? How can I use light and texture to my advantage. How will I cut the material and make it flow? How do I intrigue the viewer’s eye and mind?

I find that a piece of work evolves as it progresses so there is a great deal of discovery in this process. Despite the planning, changes occur along the way which will somehow make the work better than originally conceived.

I have recently been exploring the effects that can be achieved by using extremely small pieces of glass and stone. While this is very labour intensive, I gain a great deal of satisfaction when I produce a work that speaks as I intended.